American Cockroaches

Typically 1 ½ inches long with a reddish-brown color, American Cockroaches are disgusting to look at! However, as gross as they may be, they are harmless to humans, because they aren’t poisonous and they won’t damage any of your property.

These pests can be found near moisture in basements, but can also survive in dry areas for a long time with sufficient food and water. They have fully developed wings, which means that they can fly as well as scurry very quickly with their little legs.



  • 1 ½ inches long as an adult, long cerci at tip of abdomen, long and thin
  • Reddish-brown with light markings on thorax


  • Common in sewers and basements
  • Can be found on ship and naval vessels, particularly on pipes
  • This is the largest of the house infesting cockroaches and sometimes referred to as the Palmetto Bug

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