Types of Centipedes in Tennessee

Centipedes, belonging to the subphylum of arthropods called Myriapoda, come in thousands of different species. Found on every continent except for Antarctica, centipedes are known for their hundreds of legs, elongated forms, and flexible movements. As predatory invertebrates, centipedes move at lightning speeds and feature large, claw-like structures just beneath their heads. While countless species of centipedes live in the wild, there is only one that Tennessee homeowners need to worry about: the house centipede. 

With years of experience treating centipede infestations, U.S. Pest Protection is here to help you identify just what house centipedes look like, their characteristics, and what to do if you find one in your home.

What does the house centipede look like?

Due to their nocturnal activity, house centipedes are not seen by humans very often. When you catch a glimpse of one, it can leave you feeling uneasy. These centipedes have elongated, worm-like bodies and 15 pairs of long legs. Interestingly, their front antennae and rear legs are longer than their bodies. Featuring a greyish-yellow hue, house centipedes also have three longitudinal dark stripes along their bodies and can grow up to 1.5 inches long. Where house centipedes truly get creepy is below their heads, as that is where their forcipules are located.

These forcipules, or two claw-like appendages situated below the house centipede’s mouth, are designed to carry venom to eliminate their prey. Although these invertebrates are not considered lethally dangerous to humans, the sting from a house centipede can be unpleasant—although it is very rare.

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