Pest Solutions for Centipedes in Tennessee

While centipedes surrounding your Tennessee home might seem unsettling, these multi-legged arthropods can be beneficial for your landscape. Preying on common garden pests, centipedes tend to stay out of the way in dark, moist areas around your property. Occasionally, house centipedes may find their way indoors, and their lightning-fast movements can leave you in a frenzy.

Although centipedes are not considered dangerous to humans, they feature modified legs on their front section with venomous claws called forcipules—which means they can sting if improperly handled! Fortunately, U.S. Pest Protection is here to help you eliminate these predatory invertebrates if they find their way into your home, as well as guide you through a few DIY pest control strategies to prevent centipedes from seeking shelter near you.

Eliminating Centipede Habitats Around Your Property

The first step to preventing centipedes from invading your home is to do your best to eliminate their natural habitats around your property. Centipedes like to reside in damp, dark areas where they are protected from other predators and bright lights. You might find centipedes taking shelter underneath:

  • Mulch
  • Logs
  • Stones
  • Lawn debris
  • Compost piles

When possible, keep your lawn free of natural debris or decaying plant matter. Additionally, try to keep logs or mulch away from your foundation. If your lawn features natural landscaping materials close to your home, centipedes are more likely to find their way indoors. Once inside, they will seek out dark, moist areas in bathrooms or basements and primarily come out at night to hunt due to their sensitivity to bright light.

Centipede Control with U.S. Pest Protection

Even with natural centipede habitats eliminated from your lawn, these predators can still find their way into your home—especially if you have issues with other insect infestations. Centipedes prey on a myriad of common household pests in Tennessee, including bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants, and many others. Rather than taking a chance on centipedes stalking their prey in your basement bathroom, U.S. Pest Protection can implement natural pest control barriers around your home to deter both common pests and these occasional invaders. 

Get Rid of Centipedes in Tennessee Today

With hundreds of legs and poisonous claws, centipedes are a dangerous predator for other pests. Although they are not considered harmful to humans, a sting from one of these invertebrates can be no fun. Instead of attempting to handle a centipede infestation on your own, call U.S. Pest Protection to ensure these elongated arthropods are eliminated from your space swiftly and safely. Schedule your free centipede inspection in Tennessee today.






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