Listed as a wood destroying insect. Carpenter Ants cause millions of dollars a year in damage to homes and structures.

Carpenter Ants are very common in forested areas of the world. Although they prefer to nest in dead, damp wood, they do not eat wood. Carpenter Ants are associated with moisture areas and are the most likely species of ants to infest a house.

Carpenter Ants live both indoor and outdoors. They have been known to create large underground tunnel systems in search of food.


What Do Carpenter Ants Look Like?

  • Usually black or red in color.
  • Large ants that can reach up to an inch in length.

Where Do Carpenter Ants Live?

  • Dead and damp wood.
  • Hollow sections of trees.
  • Commonly associated with areas that have moisture problems.

How Do I Deal with Carpenter Ants?

The most effective way to deal with a Carpenter Ant infestation is to eliminate as much moisture in the area as possible. Colonies can be eliminated by disposing of the infested wood.

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