Types of Butterflies in Tennessee

Butterflies are one of humankind’s favorite insects. With their bright colors, wide variety of shapes and sizes, and amazing developmental cycle, butterflies are an interesting species to observe around your home or garden. According to butterflyidentification.org, 52 different butterflies have been observed in our state.

Zebra Swallowtail Butterflies

Tennessee is home to several types of butterflies, including the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly. This beautiful creature is the official butterfly of the State of Tennessee and is easily differentiated from other insects by its wings’ black- and white-striped pattern. Swallowtail butterflies have long tails that trail behind them on each wing.

Other Common Tennessee Butterflies

Other butterflies, such as Monarch Butterflies, can be found during the spring and summer months. In addition to distinctive markings on their wings, butterflies can also be differentiated during their larval stage when they are caterpillars. Other common butterflies in Tennessee include:

  • American copper
  • American lady
  • Baltimore checkerspot
  • Dreamy duskywing
  • Common wood-nymph

When to Contact U.S. Pest Protection for Butterfly Control

Butterflies as a general rule are not considered pest problems. In fact, many people cultivate gardens for the specific purpose of attracting butterflies. Caterpillars—the larval stage of the butterfly—can and often defoliate trees and gardens as they seek food to aid in their metamorphosis to butterflies. If you are having problems with caterpillars munching on your vegetable garden or flower beds, contact the pest control experts at U.S. Pest Protection for tips on both natural and professional pest control methods to keep them at bay.






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