Pest Solutions for Butterflies in Tennessee

Butterflies are pleasant to look at and help pollinate our gardens and landscapes. In fact, many people cultivate gardens for the specific purpose of attracting butterflies to their home. These colorful insects can provide a lot of aesthetic value to your landscaping as they flutter about. If there is a downside to the presence of butterflies, it’s the damage their larval state—caterpillars—can cause to gardens, trees, and other foliage around the home. Caterpillars eat leafy green foliage to aid in their metamorphosis to butterflies. If too many caterpillars are found in your garden, they can severely harm the vegetation around your home.

In addition to the traditional butterflies you may be thinking of, night butterflies—also known as moths—can be a real problem. Moths feast on outdoor vegetation as well as stored food products and clothing in your home. A moth infestation can be really difficult to treat on your own. That’s where professional pest control from U.S. Pest Protection comes in.

How U.S. Pest Protection Approaches Butterfly Pest Control

Our dedicated pest control experts can help determine the extent of infestation and provide tailored solutions to solve your problem. Whether you are dealing with an explosion of caterpillars outside your home or an influx of stored product pests like moth larvae, our experts will help remove the source of the infestation and provide regular pest control services to keep them from returning.

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