Pest Solutions for Beetles in Tennessee

The arrival of warm weather inevitably means the arrival of unwanted pests in your home. While they may not raise the same alarm as bed bugs and termites, beetles can become a potentially destructive nuisance to you and your family. If beetles have invaded your home, they could quickly damage a variety of your belongings, including furniture, carpets, books, and food storage.

How U.S. Pest Protection Can Stop a Beetle Invasion

If you’ve discovered beetles in your home, take action quickly. Instead of attempting to get rid of beetles yourself and potentially being bitten or sprayed, U.S. Pest Protection can eliminate these invaders in your home or business. If we find beetles in your home during our free inspection, we’ll provide you with a complimentary estimate and help you determine which pest solution is best for your situation.

Once we’ve located the beetles, we’ll eliminate them from your home with effective pest management solutions, including a liquid treatment with special formulations. In addition, we take preventive measures for potential future infestations, including:

  • Inspections for potential entry points for beetles
  • Monitoring boards for tracking beetle activity
  • Bait applications to trap beetles

Call U.S. Pest Protection for Beetle Pest Solutions

To rid your home of beetles successfully and to prevent them from coming back, contact U.S. Pest Protection. Our team of knowledgeable pest experts will identify the type of beetle infesting your home and create an effective pest management plan. Give yourself peace of mind, and contact U.S. Pest Protection today.






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