Pest Identification: Cigarette Beetles in Tennessee

While cigarette beetles may not pose a threat to your health or property, finding them in your flour, stored tobacco, or other food storage and dry goods is still frustrating. If you find even one cigarette beetle in your stored tobacco or food storage, it’s critical to act quickly. Female cigarette beetles can lay between 10 and 100 eggs at a time, which makes getting rid of them even more difficult.

If cigarette beetles have invaded your Tennessee home or business, U.S. Pest Protection has the pest control solutions you need to get rid of them effectively. Discover more about these food storage pests and how we can protect you from them.

How You Can Identify Cigarette Beetles

Covered in fine hair and only 3 mm in length, these tiny brown beetles are strong flyers and are most active in dim lighting and the dark. Even if you find dead cigarette beetles in your stored tobacco or pantry, be sure to vacuum them up—they often play dead when they feel threatened.

Cigarette beetles are often mistaken for a similar species, the drugstore beetle. Despite their similarities, there are two small differences between them; unlike drugstore beetles, cigarette beetles have serrated antennae and smooth wing covers. Not sure what kind of beetle is pestering your pantry? Contact the trained experts from U.S. Pest Protection.

How to Keep Cigarette Beetles Out of Your Tennessee Home

Keeping cigarette beetles out of your home and pantry without the help of professionals is often difficult, especially as these tiny pests can fly and chew through cardboard boxes. You can discourage them from infesting your space, however, by keeping your tobacco, cereal, rice, and other dry goods in plastic, airtight containers.

Additionally, make sure to wipe down your food containers to avoid attracting cigarette beetles and other pests with loose crumbs and traces of flour or sugar. It’s also wise not to combine old and new food, as the old food may be contaminated with cigarette beetle larvae.

U.S. Pest Protection is Your Cigarette Beetle Expert

While you can curb the threat of cigarette beetles in your pantry or stored tobacco, there’s only one way to ensure your home is protected completely: bring in the professionals from U.S. Pest Protection. We offer both residential and commercial pest controls solutions to give you peace of mind.

We also believe that protection is key to pest-proofing your home or business. Even if we don’t find cigarette beetles during our inspection, we offer preventative solutions to stop future infestations before they even begin.

Schedule Your Free Cigarette Beetle Inspection with U.S. Pest

Whether you need to protect your business’s stored tobacco or want to keep your home’s dry goods from becoming a buffet, U.S. Pest Protection has got you covered. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service to ensure cigarette beetles never get a foothold in your stored goods. For pest-free storage in Tennessee, schedule your free cigarette beetle inspection today!

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