Pest Identification: Carpet Beetles in Tennessee

If you’ve found holes eaten into your clothes, upholstery, and other natural fiber-based materials in your home, moths may not be the culprits—carpet beetles could be the ones to blame. In addition to carpet, the tiny pests are notorious for damaging wool, fur, and more. Discover how U.S. Pest Protection can guard your belongings from becoming carpet beetles’ next meal.

Identifying Carpet Beetles in Tennessee

There are several types of carpet beetles found in Tennessee, including:

  •     Varied carpet beetles: 3 mm long, black and orange mottled wing covers
  •     Black carpet beetles: 3-5 mm long, dark brown to black in coloring
  •     Furniture carpet beetles: 2-5 mm long, with white, black, and orange speckled wing covers

Adult carpet beetles are often mistaken for bed bugs. Unlike bed bugs, however, they can fly, which they use to invade homes easily. Their larvae are yellow, orange, or brown, 4-8 mm in length, and often mistaken for caterpillars due to their spiny hairs.

Identifying carpet beetles or their larvae can be difficult without a trained eye—contact U.S. Pest Protection’s experts if you suspect your home has a carpet beetle infestation.

Stop Carpet Beetles from Invading Your Tennessee Home

As tiny, flying invaders, it can be difficult to stop carpet beetles from infesting your home. There are some things you can do, however, to minimize their chances of setting up shop in your space. Prevent carpet beetles with the following solutions:

  •     Vacuum your carpets consistently
  •     Seal cracks and holes in your walls and windows
  •     Clean your pets’ bedding regularly
  •     Wash your clothes in hot water

In addition to cleaning your belongings and sealing cracks in your home, be leery of purchasing second-hand furniture that may be hiding carpet beetle eggs or larvae. Wash, vacuum, and disinfect any thrifted clothing or furniture before bringing them indoors.

Get Rid of Carpet Beetles with U.S. Pest Protection

While you may be consistent in your efforts to prevent these pests, U.S. Pest Protection can keep your living environment free of these unwanted house guests. Our team of trained pest professionals have the technology and experience to get rid of and prevent carpet beetle infestations. We offer convenient monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly solutions for both residential and commercial pest control needs in Tennessee.

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These pest can cause an unimaginable amount of damage to your belongings. Stop them before they infest your home with the pest experts from U.S. Pest Protection. Even if your home is carpet beetle-free, we can keep it that way with our effective preventative solutions.

Trust in U.S. Pest Protection to safeguard your home and belongings from carpet beetles’ endless appetites. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re protected by our knowledge, experience, and dedication to preventing pests in your home. Schedule your free carpet beetle inspection today!

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