Pest Identification: Black Beetles in Tennessee

Wondering how those big black bugs wandered into your house or what they even are? More than likely, these are black ground beetles you’re seeing. They prefer to live outside but may enter homes around exterior doors and cracks during dry or very wet weather and in fall when cold weather sets in. For your sake and theirs, black beetles are much better off leaving you alone and staying out in the great outdoors, where they belong.

If you’ve spotted a few too many black beetles around your home, the Tennessee pest control experts at U.S. Pest Protection are here to help you identify and get rid of them. 

How to Identify Black Ground Beetles

There are more than 2,000 species of ground beetles in North America, in addition to numerous species of black beetles that might intrude upon your home. Black ground beetles range in size from less than a quarter-inch to almost 2 inches long. They can be black or dark brown in color. Black beetles also have tough, armored bodies that produce an unpleasant crunching sound if crushed. Some may even release a liquid with a foul odor—so avoid stepping on them or picking them up if you can!

Black ground beetles enjoy an outdoor habitat under mulch, stones, logs, and other material until they emerge to feed at night. Though they generally live on the perimeter of homes, black beetles may invite themselves inside if food is lying around. Otherwise, these beetles don’t usually create a full-blown infestation unless they are left to reproduce freely. 

Not sure what kind of beetle you’ve found at home? Send us a picture of the pest today, or contact us for black ground beetle pest control services. 

Ways to Prevent Black Beetles in Tennessee

Harborage areas where black beetles nest include underneath mulch, leaves, wood, and other areas providing shelter. If they stray too far from their home base, however, black ground beetles can slip into your home’s interior through cracks, holes, windows, and other voids you never even knew existed. 

Pest control and prevention methods for black beetles include: 

  • Reducing harborage areas around the structure. 
  • Sealing cracks, crevices, and holes around doors, foundations, and windows.
  • Ensuring window screens fit properly and aren’t torn.  
  • Keeping bright exterior lighting to a minimum when not in use.

How to Deal with Black Ground Beetles

Black beetles are mainly nuisance pests that will enter your home due to adverse weather but are generally harmless to your health and structure. That said, no one wants large bugs scuttling around their space. That’s why professional pest control services are often the ideal solution for dealing with invasive insect pests. When you call on U.S. Pest Protection, our team will evaluate the best approach to reduce beetle populations around your property, as well as treat the perimeter around the exterior. Whether you’re seeking residential or commercial pest control in Tennessee, we offer monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly services tailored to your needs.

Get Rid of Black Beetles with Tennessee Pest Control

Keep black beetles outside where they belong. With dependable pest control from U.S. Pest Protection, we’ll help you kick beetles to the curb with ongoing, comprehensive pest control services for your Tennessee home or business. Schedule your free pest inspection for black ground beetles today!   

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