Pest Identification: Asian Lady Beetles in Tennessee

While there are many destructive pests in Tennessee, Asian lady beetles (sometimes referred to as ladybugs) are more of a mixed blessing.

Originating in Asia, Asian lady beetles commonly resided in trees and fields, preying on aphids and scale insects. However, in the early 20th century, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) imported this beneficial insect to control certain crop pests naturally.

It wasn’t until 1988 that the first large-scale Asian lady beetle population was found in Louisiana near New Orleans. Since then, these beetles have found their way to nearly every corner of the country, including The Volunteer State. 

Asian lady beetles and their larvae typically inhabit ornamental and agricultural crops throughout the spring and summer, feeding mainly on aphids and scale insects. During the fall, however, adult ladybugs fly en masse toward Tennessee homes and businesses in search of overwintering sites.

Once inside, they can leave behind a yellow staining fluid along with a noxious odor (which sometimes triggers allergies or asthma) before dying. If they land on your skin, they can also bite or “pinch,” but these bites are rarely serious.

Fortunately, U.S. Pest Protection provides pest control solutions in Tennessee to ensure ladybugs don’t find their way onto your property. Give us a call today to learn how we can prevent Asian lady beetles from flocking to your home or business.

How to Identify Asian Lady Beetles

Adult Asian lady beetles are one of the most easily recognizable insects in the world. Featuring an oval shape, ladybugs are about a 1/4-inch long and feature tan, orange, or red wing covers. On top of their wing covers, they normally have several black spots, although some of them may have indistinct spots or no spots at all.

Most ladybugs also feature a small, dark marking on the whitish area behind the head that looks like a “W” or “M.” These insects tend to gather around brightly colored surfaces or windows.

While spotting ladybugs is easy, you can also identify an infestation from bad odors and yellow spots left on your walls or ceilings. If you discover these Asian lady beetle indicators in your Tennessee home or business, schedule a free inspection with U.S. Pest Protection today.

How to Prevent Asian Lady Beetles in Tennessee

Keeping Asian lady beetle infestations out of your property starts with proper prevention. Make sure to seal all cracks, crevices, and openings in your home in the late spring or summer—as this keeps you prepared for ladybug swarming season in the fall. Focus on sealing windows, doors, soffits, fascia boards, utility pipes, and wires, and ensure all damaged window screens or vent screens are fixed.

Protect Your Property Year-Round with U.S. Pest Protection

Even when you think your home or business is properly sealed, Asian lady beetles can sometimes find their way in. To ensure your property is guarded, the U.S. Pest Protection pest control professionals are here to help.

With industry-leading technology and field experience preventing and eliminating ladybugs in Tennessee homes, you can rest assured these nuisance insects stay far away. To ensure you stay protected year round, we offer monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly pest control services, too.

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