You may know the Asian lady beetle by its more common name, the ladybug. The U.S Department of Agriculture first introduced the bug as a control agent to help reduce the number of aphids and scale insects. The Asian lady beetle is bigger than the native ladybug and tends to live on bushes and trees.

The Asian lady beetle causes discomfort by invading homes by the tens of thousands, usually infesting homes and attics by crawling through cracks and crevices around the home.

What Do Asian Lady Beetles Look Like?

  • Grows to be around 7mm long and 5.5mm wide.
  • Vary in color from yellow to red.

Where Do Asian Lady Beetles Live?

  • Live on bushes and trees.

How Do I Deal with Asian Lady Beetles?

The best way to remove Asian lady beetles from your home is to seal off all entrances to your home. This means securing even the smallest cracks, like those around your windows and doors. Once the home is completely sealed, you can then use a vacuum to capture the bugs. This can be a very difficult process, so it’s best to call a professional pest control company to help you.

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