Bed Bug Pest Solutions in Tennessee

​Out of all the pests that can invade your Tennessee home or business, bed bugs are some of the most upsetting uninvited visitors to receive. From crawling into your living space through electrical outlets to hiding in your bed until they’re struck by a craving for blood, there are many reasons you should eliminate them as soon as possible.  

Don’t let bed bugs take a bite out of your family, employees, or guests—send them packing with U.S. Pest Protection. Discover our effective, targeted bed bug pest solutions below, or contact our experts today.

How U.S. Pest Protection Prevents a Bed Bug Infestation

Traditionally, bed bug infestations are treated with intense heat treatments. A pest control service provider heats the interior of your home or business to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, burning and killing the invading bed bugs. 

While this process may eliminate the pests, it’s one of the most expensive pest control solutions. It can also potentially damage your property along the way. That’s why U.S. Pest Protection offers aerosol treatments to eliminate bed bugs without endangering your living space or workplace.

Dust and Liquid Aerosol Treatments for Bed Bugs

After we’ve located the source of your bed bug infestation, we’ll apply a dust aerosol treatment to the areas that bed bugs often use to enter properties, such as power outlets and cracks in walls. We’ll also treat the perimeter around beds, couches, and other furniture that bed bugs are attracted to and seal mattresses with bed bug-proof covers.

Schedule Your Free U.S. Pest Protection Bed Bug Inspection 

We understand bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate. To help you feel safe in your home or business, we offer additional free inspections after our treatments. If we find bed bugs after we’ve provided our services, we’ll gladly re-treat your property free of charge.

For bed bug pest solutions you can trust, talk to U.S. Pest Protection’s team of experts. You’ve got nothing to lose except unpleasant surprises creeping around your bed—schedule a free inspection today!






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