How To Get Rid Of Ants

Ants are some of the most challenging pests to control because they are like termites: social insects that live in very large colonies. Ants are different than termites because most do not cause significant damage to the home because ants do not eat wood and cannot digest cellulose. Ants are found in nests which provide protection from enemies and weather while being in close proximity to food and water. There are over 12,000 different types of ant species worldwide but only about 40 Types of Ants in the United States considered a pest.

Getting rid of ants in a home or structure is easy if you know what type of ant you’re looking at. Our professional baiting systems are designed to target specific ants based on the types of foods they prefer. The three types of foods are carbohydrates (sugars and plant nectar), Lipids (fats and grease) and Proteins (meats and seeds). The Argentine ant prefers carbohydrates such as sugar and plant nectars and our baiting system and products will contain sugar which will attract the Argentine ants . Since ants are social insects they will take the bait back to their colony and share the bait which kills the colony and gets rid of your ant problem.

Another method we use to treat and exterminate ants is to use a spray formulation that will be a direct contact kill of the ants that come in contact with the product

In the event you want to do it yourself or need a non product control method, simply adjust the environment by limiting the ants nuisance.  There are only two ways you can keep ants from being a bother if you choose to do it yourself. The first is to determine what ants are feeding on and remove the landscape that is their food source. The second is to prevent ants from coming inside by caulking and screening windows and doors.

If you have small children and find ants are trailing along a sidewalk or even on your front porch, you might just have some spilled ice cream or a melted popsicle that needs to be cleaned up which will cause the ants to go away.

Ants can hide in insulation under homes as well as in wall voids in rare cases and we offer several different Pest Solutions for Ants. When you decide you need help in getting rid of your ant problems, we are here to serve you. We have thousands of happy home owners who rely on us to prevent ants from becoming an issue in their home.







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