Our Team

Corporate Leaders

  • Sam Peden Owner

    Sam is a legend in the Pest Industry for his commitment to the education of the community, as well as his loyalty to professionalism and safety for all that U.S. Pest serves.

    • Erica Brister President

      A fearless and hopeless believer in being excellent at making reality better than her dreams, Erica continues to challenge everyone to be the best ‘you’.


        Going above and beyond is in J.K.’s blood and every interaction with him proves his passion for distinction. J.K. is the Chief Eagle of a bold team of eagles.

        Corporate Associates

        • Heather Pruitt
          Heather Pruitt Executive Assistant to the President
          • Ron Schwalb
            Ron Schwalb Technical Director
            • Courtney Cox
              Courtney Cox Assistant-Fleet Manager
              • Sara Davidson
                Sara Davidson Marketing Director
                • Amanda Wayne
                  Amanda Wayne Controller
                  • Janet Young
                    Janet Young ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
                    • Kayla Laster
                      Kayla Laster VIDEOGRAPHER
                      • Sandra Green
                        Sandra Green BETTER LIFE TEAM

                        Branch Managers

                        • Jeremy Hobdy
                          Jeremy Hobdy GENERAL MANAGER - GALLATIN
                          • Eddie Fisher
                            Eddie Fisher GENERAL MANAGER - NASHVILLE
                            • Zack Parker
                              Zack Parker General Manager - Hendersonville
                              • James Hawkins
                                James Hawkins General Manager Commercial Division

                                Concierge Service

                                • Sierra Spurlock
                                  Sierra Spurlock CONCIERGE SERVICE MEMBER
                                  • Alex Kepley
                                    Alex Kepley CONCIERGE SERVICE MEMBER
                                    • Brooke Spencer
                                      Brooke Spencer CONCIERGE SERVICE MEMBER
                                      • Kimberly Armstrong
                                        Kimberly Armstrong Service Manager - Nashville
                                        • Jill Scott
                                          Jill Scott Service Manager - Gallatin
                                          • Jessica Tullis
                                            Jessica Tullis Service Manager - Hendersonville
                                            • Amy Johnson
                                              Amy Johnson Concierge Service Member

                                              Commercial Division

                                              • Elena Allen
                                                Elena Allen COMMERCIAL BUSINESS INSPECTOR
                                                • Brian Paap
                                                  Brian Paap COMMERCIAL PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                  • Larry Teasley
                                                    Larry Teasley COMMERCIAL PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                    • Michael Newman
                                                      Michael Newman COMMERCIAL PEST PROFESSIONAL

                                                      Professional Inspectors

                                                      • Tim Byington
                                                        Tim Byington PROFESSIONAL INSPECTOR
                                                        • Brian Self
                                                          Brian Self PROFESSIONAL INSPECTOR
                                                          • Jake Nellessen
                                                            Jake Nellessen PROFESSIONAL INSPECTOR
                                                            • Carl Kincaid
                                                              Carl Kincaid PROFESSIONAL INSPECTOR
                                                              • Josh Lefan
                                                                Josh Lefan Professional Inspector
                                                                • Anthony White
                                                                  Anthony White Professional Inspector

                                                                  Termite Professionals

                                                                  • Jesse Gibson
                                                                    Jesse Gibson TERMITE PROFESSIONAL
                                                                    • Eddie Grooms
                                                                      Eddie Grooms TERMITE PROFESSIONAL
                                                                      • Allen Brown
                                                                        Allen Brown TERMITE PROFESSIONAL
                                                                        • Robert Spurlock
                                                                          Robert Spurlock Termite Professional
                                                                          • Hubert Mason
                                                                            Hubert Mason TOP TERMITE
                                                                            • Billy Dotson
                                                                              Billy Dotson Termite Professional
                                                                              • Andrew Hendrix
                                                                                Andrew Hendrix Termite Professional

                                                                                Pest Professionals

                                                                                • Brad Woodruff
                                                                                  Brad Woodruff PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                  • Donna McCraken
                                                                                    Donna McCraken PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                    • Daniel Gabriel
                                                                                      Daniel Gabriel PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                      • Michael Shaw
                                                                                        Michael Shaw PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                        • John Singer
                                                                                          John Singer PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                          • Travis Baran
                                                                                            Travis Baran PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                            • Mason Carter
                                                                                              Mason Carter PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                              • Kevin Blazek
                                                                                                Kevin Blazek PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                • Bradley Kohari
                                                                                                  Bradley Kohari PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                  • Troy Cornelius
                                                                                                    Troy Cornelius Pest Professional
                                                                                                    • Terry Bagsby
                                                                                                      Terry Bagsby Pest Professional
                                                                                                      • Shane Inman
                                                                                                        Shane Inman PEST PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                        • Pablo Rosas
                                                                                                          Pablo Rosas Pest Professional
                                                                                                          • Justin Shatto
                                                                                                            Justin Shatto Pest Professional
                                                                                                            • Justin Hargis
                                                                                                              Justin Hargis Pest Professional
                                                                                                              • Jim Griffies
                                                                                                                Jim Griffies Pest Professional
                                                                                                                • Don Lewis
                                                                                                                  Don Lewis Pest Professional
                                                                                                                  • Cricket Creekmore
                                                                                                                    Cricket Creekmore Pest Professional
                                                                                                                    • Collin McCullaugh
                                                                                                                      Collin McCullaugh Pest Professional
                                                                                                                      • Allen Gentry
                                                                                                                        Allen Gentry Pest Professional