Our Team


  • Sam Peden Owner

    Sam is a legend in the Pest Industry for his commitment to the education of the community as well as his loyalty to professionalism and safety for all the communities U.S. Pest serves.

    • Erica Brister President

      Erica Brister is one of the pest control industry’s youngest company presidents. She is young, but she is not your typical 30-year old.

      • Heather Collins
        Heather Collins Executive Assistant to the President
        • Ron Schwalb
          Ron Schwalb Technical Director
          • Amanda Wayne
            Amanda Wayne Controller
            • Courtney Cox
              Courtney Cox Assistant-Fleet Manager
              • Karen Merino
                Karen Merino Corporate Administrator
                • Sara Wade
                  Sara Wade Marketing Director

                  Concierge Service

                  • Meredith White
                    Meredith White CONCIERGE SERVICE MEMBER
                    • Maria Edmonds
                      Maria Edmonds CONCIERGE SERVICE MEMBER
                      • Jill Scott
                        Jill Scott Concierge Service Member
                        • Jessica Tullis
                          Jessica Tullis CONCIERGE SERVICE MEMBER
                          • Amy Johnson
                            Amy Johnson Concierge Service Member

                            Professional Inspectors

                            • Zack Parker
                              Zack Parker Professional Inspector
                              • Tom Dixon
                                Tom Dixon Sales Director
                                • Richard Adams
                                  Richard Adams Pest Inspector
                                  • Josh Lefan
                                    Josh Lefan Pest Inspector
                                    • Chris Tuck
                                      Chris Tuck Sales Professional
                                      • Anthony White
                                        Anthony White Sales Professional

                                        Termite Professionals

                                        • Shane Inman
                                          Shane Inman Pest Professional
                                          • Robert Spurlock
                                            Robert Spurlock Termite Professional
                                            • Dalton Landry
                                              Dalton Landry Termite Professional
                                              • Corey Gidcomb
                                                Corey Gidcomb Termite Professional
                                                • Collin McCullaugh
                                                  Collin McCullaugh Termite Director
                                                  • Billy Dotson
                                                    Billy Dotson Termite Professional
                                                    • Andrew Hendrix
                                                      Andrew Hendrix Termite Professional

                                                      Pest Professionals

                                                      • Troy Cornelius
                                                        Troy Cornelius Pest Professional
                                                        • Terry Bagsby
                                                          Terry Bagsby Pest Professional
                                                          • Robert Gresham
                                                            Robert Gresham Pest Professional
                                                            • Pablo Rosas
                                                              Pablo Rosas Pest Tech
                                                              • Michael Newman
                                                                Michael Newman Pest Professional
                                                                • Kimberly Armstrong
                                                                  Kimberly Armstrong Pest Assistant Director
                                                                  • Justin Shatto
                                                                    Justin Shatto Pest Professional
                                                                    • Justin Hargis
                                                                      Justin Hargis Pest Professional
                                                                      • John Carmouche
                                                                        John Carmouche Pest Professional
                                                                        • Joe Kelley
                                                                          Joe Kelley Pest Professional
                                                                          • Jim Griffies
                                                                            Jim Griffies Pest Professional
                                                                            • Jeremy Owens
                                                                              Jeremy Owens Pest Professional
                                                                              • James Hawkins
                                                                                James Hawkins Pest Professional
                                                                                • Hubert Mason
                                                                                  Hubert Mason Pest Professional
                                                                                  • Don Lewis
                                                                                    Don Lewis Pest Professional
                                                                                    • Cricket Creekmore
                                                                                      Cricket Creekmore Pest Professional
                                                                                      • Chris Conger
                                                                                        Chris Conger Pest Professional
                                                                                        • Charlie Smoot
                                                                                          Charlie Smoot Pest Tech
                                                                                          • Allen Gentry
                                                                                            Allen Gentry Pest Professional
                                                                                            • Alex Dozier
                                                                                              Alex Dozier Pest Tech
                                                                                              • Adrian Alwine
                                                                                                Adrian Alwine Pest Professional
                                                                                                • Adam Binkley
                                                                                                  Adam Binkley Pest Professional