What is the difference between ladybugs and Asian lady beetles? РTo begin, one of these species is welcomed in every garden in America, the other is an invasive species that is a nuisance inside the home. Can you guess which one is which? We will now dive into the difference between ladybugs and Asian Lady Beetles.  




A clear distinction between these two insects is their color. Ladybugs are bright red while Asian lady beetles are orange and yellow. Besides color, these insects have different black spots on their backs. Ladybugs have 11 black spots while Asian lady beetles have around 19. They are both around the same size and hide their wings on their backs. However, there is one more key distinction between these two insects and that is the markings on their heads. Asian Lady Beetles have a black M on their head while ladybugs do not. One more way to identify which bug has made its way into your home.  


Ladybug on a leaf



Asian Lady Beetles have been known to quickly infest apple trees. These insects like to crawl in bunches and eat the insides of apples. Besides apples they also enjoy eating aphids, a similarity they have with ladybugs. One of the best bugs you can find in your garden is a ladybug. This is because their favorite meal includes aphids, a garden destroying pest. Ladybugs are known for eating up to 75 aphids a day.  



Ladybugs can primarily be found in gardens or other plants snacking on aphids. This habitat provides them protection from predators and a consistent food source. As mentioned before Asian lady beetles can be found in trees munching on apples, but they can also be found in your garden.  


Invasive or not  

Luckily, ladybugs are not an invasive species here in North America. They have many beneficial uses and are welcomed in many gardens. Unfortunately, Asian lady beetles are an invasive species. They wreak havoc on many homeowners, showing up by the dozens on the outside of homes. When these pests fly into the home, they sometimes get eaten by the family pet, which makes them sick, and they must go to the vet.  


Asian lady beetle



Asian Lady Beetles taking over your home?  

Additionally, If you are finding Asian lady beetles inside or around your home, give U.S. Pest a call. Asian lady beetles are a nuisance to have around your home and they have the potential to bite. Protect your home and family today by giving us a call at 615-822-8500 or visiting uspest.com.  



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