What is a Cicada? – A Cicadidae, more formerly known as the Cicada, is an insect within the Cicadidae family. Within this family it also includes leafhoppers and frog hoppers. Cicadas are as old as time; they have been mentioned in a variety of classic literature. They were talked about in Homer’s Iliad and written as motifs during the Shanghai Dynasty in China. These insects represent a lot to many cultures and can be found worldwide. So, what exactly are they?

What is a Cicada?

There are a lot of questions about Cicadas. Cicadas are insects that can be found across the globe. The cicadas that typically find themselves on the news here in America are called periodical cicadas. They are known to hatch either every 13 years or 17 years. The reason these insects tend to make the news is when they do come out every 13 years or so they come out in abundant numbers. When they come out, there will be millions of them all over the country. They can easily be found in wooded areas or even public places. They are one of the few insects that emerge in these large numbers and populate so many places.

What is a Cicada fond of eating?

During their time underground, cicadas primarily feed on the juices and sap of tree roots. They can be underground for quite a while, so this will be their diet for some time. Once they emerge from the ground, their diet changes. They are now in their adult form and may feed on plant juices which can cause minimal damage to trees.

What is a Cicada?

Where do Cicadas live?

As mentioned before, periodical cicadas will spend most of their lives underground. Depending on the species they can spend up to 17 years living underground. Once they have emerged from the ground they live in the trees, where they can feed on sap and reproduce for the next generation. When it comes to where cicadas can be found in the United States, they can be found in a variety of states. As for this generation of cicadas, they are predicted to primarily be in the East Coast and the Midwest United States.

Are Cicadas dangerous?

Cicadas are known to be relatively calm insects that are not very aggressive. They do not sting or bite and for the most part they stay away from homes. Even though these insects are much bigger than most flying insects there is nothing to be afraid of.

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