What Insect keeps eating my clothes – Are you finding strange holes and little bite marks in your clothes? Then you may have clothes eating moths living inside your home. These small yet hungry insects are known to destroy closets full of clothes and can cause thousands of dollars in damage, depending on what you wear. Now that you know what could be attacking your wardrobe, how does one identify this pest?  


How To Identify Clothes Moths?   

Clothes moths can be easily identified, thanks to their bright gold color. They are around a ½ inch in length and typically come out towards the end of spring when the weather warms up. The most ideal environment for these insects to live in is in dark and undisturbed areas, which leads many of them to be attracted into closet spaces. Besides closet spaces, these insects have also been known to live within walls and baseboards. Now why exactly do these pests enjoy eating clothes?  


Why Do They Enjoy Eating Clothes?  

Clothes moths over time have evolved and rely on keratin to help their larvae grow into adults. Unfortunately, keratin, a protein found in animal-based fabrics, can be found in expensive designer clothes such as wool, cashmere, silk, and feathers. In addition, keratin can also be found in human hair and skin cells, so these pests can also be found in the bedroom or under couches. The best method to protect your clothes from getting eaten is to put them into garment bags. This allows for the clothes to be easily available and protected from pests.   


Clothes Moths Are Clothes Moths Dangerous To Humans?  

Thankfully, clothes moths are not dangerous to humans and will cause no harm. It is important to remember to keep valued clothing securely protected in the case of clothes moths entering your home. If you are finding clothes moths in your home, contact U.S. Pest today to get ahead start.    


Are Clothes Eating Moths Creating Problems In Your Household, U.S. Pest Can Help!  

Don’t let clothes moths invaded your space, U.S. Pest Protection is at the ready to defend your dried foodstuffs and expensive garments. With industry-leading pest control technology in Tennessee, our certified technicians can ensure your home is moth-free all year long. Give one of our friendly team members a call today, or sign up now for your free moth inspection. Call 615-822-8500 or visit uspest.com for more information.   


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