How long does a U.S. Pest termite treatment last?


U.S. Pest Termite Treatment | U.S. Pest Protection has been protecting homes and structures against termite attacks and damage for more than 35 years. We have gained a lot of experience on products and methods that work best and provide superior protection. From the start the companies main objective was finding the best applications to protect customer’s homes and property.


Termites In Tennessee

First of all, termites have been around for over 250 million years so they are very adapted to their environment. In contrast, there are over 2,500 termite species in the world and around 40 species in North America. Termites have been found naturally existing in every state except Alaska. To add, they are social insects consisting in most cases of the female queen, male king, soldiers, workers. Each caste has a specific job duty to maintain the colony.

The most common termite found in Tennessee is the Eastern Subterranean Termite. In addition, these termites live mostly in the soil and build mud tubes from the ground to their wood food source.

The colony numbers can range into the millions but average around 300.000 members. The queen can live for over 10 years and lay thousands of eggs a year. The individual worker can live for over a year. These termites can eat over two feet of wood in the course of one year.

It has been estimated that the average home can have 4 or more individual colony nests existing around it.




History of Termite Treatments In Tennessee

Consequently, termites can invade a home at almost any time and cause damage. Over the years humans have been devising methods and products to try to control them.

Log homes were set up on stones to get the wood off the ground and away from termite invasion. Coal oil may have been put on the ground around the stones to deter the pests. Chemicals came later with many being toxic and a concern for the environment.

In recent years better products have been developed that are better for the environment. Similarly, baits have been created when placed in the ground the termites will feed on the toxic bait and die. One concern with termite baits is the foraging termites have to find the bait and feed on it. Another concern is for the homeowner. If the homeowner decides not to use the bait system program the baits are removed leaving no damage protection for the property.

As a result, a U.S. Pest termite treatment best protection would be a treatment that would leave a long term protective barrier around and under the structure.

Fifteen years ago U.S. Pest Protection began searching for a treatment material that required specific criteria. U.S. Pest did not believe the products available at that time were providing the customer protection they deserved. The search required certain criteria. The product had to have extensive research to prove efficacy. Also, it the product had to provide long term residual and bond to the soil to provide a protective barrier. The product also had to have a smaller chemical footprint due to a concern for the environment.





Termidor Termite Protection Treatments

U.S. Pest Protection found the product that fit all the above criteria and more. The product was Termidor.

U.S. Pest Protection uses Termidor HE (High Efficiency) termiticide. Termidor HE is the best product for residual termite protection available on the market today. Furthermore, this product has extensive research to back it up and over 15 years of development and usage.

Termidor HE bonds to the soil and will not leach into non-target areas.

Less product is applied to create a protective barrier so there is less exposure to the environment. In fact, the active ingredient in Termidor is the same active that is applied directly to pets for flea control.

Above all, this product is also non repellant so termites will move into the treated areas and come into contact with the product to die. The U.S. Pest Termite Treatment magic of Termidor HE is the affected termites will not die immediately after entering the treatment. They will then transfer the product by contact to other termites living in the colony killing more.

As a result, U.S. Pest Protection has so much confidence in this product and treatment procedure its willing to give long term protection warranties on the treatment.


Interesting facts on control methods and termites:

  • Termites are more closely related to cockroaches than ants.
  • If you see swarming (flying) termites it is a good indication the colony is well established.
  • Termidor HE has over 15 years of research and history of protection structures from termite attack.


Even though Termidor has been tested for over 15 years, that doesn’t mean termites may never get into a treated structure. There are many instances that might disrupt the protective barrier or allow the termites to by-pass the barrier treatment.

Some of those situations might include:

  1. Piling plant mulch too high against the foundation that would allow termites to bypass the treatment.
  2. Stacking firewood against your exterior foundation
  3. All wood to soil contact
  4. Standing water against the foundation or in crawlspace.
  5. Building untreated structures such as  concrete slabs in contact with the building foundation.
  6. Extensive landscaping around the foundation.

As a result, this is why an annual inspection is required to make sure none of these situations have happened to lessen your protection.


U.S. Pest Termite Treatment Solutions & Services In Nashville, Tennessee

Finally, U.S. Pest Termite Treatments utilize the best possible product and treatment methods to protect your valuable property against termite attack. Furthermore, it is also recommended that once you have the treatment to have an annual inspection to make sure nothing has happened to disrupt that important protective barrier.

Most noteworthy, if you are concerned about protecting your home against termite attack contact U.S. Pest Protection for a professional inspection.


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