U.S. Pest Protection Works to Improve the Community

U.S. Pest Protection has deep roots in the Nashville community. The family-run company has been serving the Middle Tennessee area for over 28 years now. U.S. Pest works to help homeowners and businesses deal with the complete spectrum of unwanted pests by protecting spaces from termites, ants, spiders, roaches, rodents and more in a safe and effective manner.

Improving Community Health through Education

U.S. Pest Protection believes in contributing to the community and does so in many ways. While we help Middle Tennessee deal with pests, including birds which can cause damage if they are present in large numbers, we also believe in educating people about pests and bugs. By teaching children in local schools about the characteristics of pests and bugs, U.S. Pest Protection hopes to ensure that children can identify and stay away from dangerous insects while also learning about more harmless bugs such as ladybugs. Our pest control experts explain bug biology to students and encourage them to observe, understand and respect insects instead of being afraid of them.

The health of a community depends on the health of individual members. We are aware that a termite infestation in one home can quickly spread to another building unless tackled immediately and effectively. We do this by providing free pest identification services when homeowners spot potential pests. This enables early identification of pests and a better and less expensive means of controlling or eradicating them.

Soldiers & Freedom

All of us are aware that the freedoms we enjoy, such as watching our children play and grow, watching a sunrise, or running a business, depends on the sacrifices and work of soldiers fighting our enemies. We salute these brave soldiers with more than words by sending packs of goodies overseas to inhospitable regions of the world. We thank veterans for providing us with the opportunities given by these freedoms.

Giving Back to the Community

U.S. Pest Protection provides pest control services in the southeast. In order to continue to grow, we need the region to prosper. More families and more employment opportunities generate prosperity for all local businesses. We believe that working to support local schools, helping local charities provide shelter for the homeless, ensuring that returning soldiers find employment that suits their qualifications and more will help the community prosper. This in turn will generate increased business for our company through both organic growth and the goodwill we have generated.

By making Middle Tennessee a better place to live and work, we hope to contribute to the economic growth of the region, increase the quality of life here and give back to the community that has placed its trust in our business.