U.S Pest Offers Complimentary Inspection for Wood Fungus

U.S. Pest is offering a complimentary inspection for wood fungus in your home. Wood fungus destroys more wood in homes than fires and termites combined. Keeping the wood in your home healthy and away from moisture is vital to the foundation of the structure. Moisture is a big problem that won’t go away if not treated professionally.

Here are some preventative tips for keeping the wood in your home safe from fungi:

1. Keep wood away from direct contact with open ground or soil. Always keep a concrete or solid barrier between the ground and wood.

2. Properly seal your basement and make sure it is waterproof. If the humidity in the basement gets too high, a dehumidifier should be installed.

3. Crawlspaces should be professionally ventilated or encapsulated.

4. Rain gutters should be regularly cleaned and maintained.

As we approach Spring (termite season), it is more important than ever to have your home inspected. U.S. Pest will inspect your home, identifying any potential organisms and seeing if your home is conducive to the fungi or not. Doing this before symptoms begin to show could mean the difference between treating versus fully replacing the wood in your home.

Wood fungi and termite devastation are not commonly covered under homeowners insurance. This could leave you robbed of a large sum of money or, even worse, homeless. Begin your complimentary home inspection today by calling U.S. Pest at (615) 383-9779.