Types of Weevils in TN – A rather peculiar looking insect the weevil is very strange. To how it eats to the way it looks, it is distinctive. Here in Tennessee, there are several species of Weevils and even though they may look similar these insects have some differences. Here are the three primary species of weevils in TN, Bean weevils, cowpea weevils, and lastly Rice and granary weevils.  


Bean Weevils  

Bean weevils are olive-brown and feature grayish-brown spots. These insects are very small, measuring in at one-sixth of an inch, they also feature yellowish-orange hairs on their thorax. Similar, to beetles the bean weevil has an ovalish body with two small antennae on its head. The antennae are used to find food sources and sense potential predators. Bean weevils can be a real pantry pest because of how quickly they can infest an area. Additionally, Bean weevils are internal feeders and primarily infest whole beans and legumes by boring holes inside each bean. Luckily, these weevils do not infest other types of stored foods. 


Cowpea Weevils  

Also measuring one-sixth of an inch, cowpea weevils are common in the south. These weevils appear in a brownish hue and sometimes can feature greenish-brown markings. Cowpea weevils have a penchant for black-eyed peas, but they can also feed on stored foods like chickpeas and lentils. Much like bean weevils, cowpea weevils do not infest other types of stored foods. 


Rice and Granary Weevils 

Rice and granary weevils measure one-eighth of an inch and are internal feeders that develop within whole-grain kernels. Rice weevils appear dark brown and normally feature four light-colored patches on their wing covers, while Granary weevils appear dark brown all over. These types of weevils primarily feed on wheat, corn, barley, and rice, but they have also been known to munch on old pasta, seeds, nuts, and decorative ears of corn. 


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