Tick management is almost impossible to control without a good pest control company. Tick populations can be hard to manage due to their ability to produce a number of young and they can survive over the winter months. In the wild, it is almost impossible to control them. You can do a number of things around your property to keep them at bay though.


Tick Inspection

Inspect your property. Does it connect to a field or forest environment? Ticks can migrate from those areas. What condition is your yard? Is your grass and shrubs trimmed back. Ticks like to climb up on high grass, shrubs and trees to fall on passing people or animals.

Is your property a highway for wildlife? Ticks will infest squirrels, mice, rabbits, deer, raccoons and other wildlife. As they pass through your yard the ticks can fall off to await you or your pet walking by. What about other domestic pets like cats and dogs? Other infested domestic pets can carry tick populations into your yard also.


Inspect pets

Your domestic pets can pick up ticks easily when they are out and about especially if they are not restricted by a property fence. Always do a regular inspection of your pets. Look closely in around the ears, eyes, mouth, toes and belly.


Sanitation and exclusion

Trim high grass or weeds back to not allow ticks easy access to you or pets. If possible, build a fence to keep larger wandering wildlife or domestic animals out of your yard. If you feed birds try to reduce seed wastes that could bring squirrels and field mice into yard or possibly a squirrel proof bird feeder.


Some tips to manage ticks

  • Keep grass, weed and shrubs trimmed down.
  • Try to keep wildlife and other domestic animals off property
  • Inspect your animals and family regularly for ticks


Tick management with control products

You can use veterinarian recommended control and prevention products on your pets to reduce the probability of tick attack especially during the high population season. Lawn and shrub treatments can be made to your lawn and property by professional pest management companies to control and prevent tick populations.

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