The Difference Between Mice and Rats

Most of us have been there before: someone screams and scrambles to a higher surface yelling “it’s a mouse!!!” From there, chaos ensues. But some curious minds may wonder: is it really a mouse? Or could it be a rat? The next logical question is: how can you tell? We’re here to answer that for you.

“Mouse” and “rat” are generic terms used to describe rodent species of various sizes. Rats are generally larger, whereas mice are the smaller of the two. Mouse ears are large compared to their heads, whereas rats generally have smaller ears. Also, House mice typically grow to about 2-3 inches in length; rats can reach as much as 7-9 inches.


Fall is the time of year when rats and mice will try to come into your home or business to find food and shelter for the winter and professional measures may need to be taken to stop the invasion.


If you see any rodents around your home – whether it’s a mouse or a rat – be sure to contact U.S. Pest to ensure you don’t have a situation on your hands. Rats and mice can carry viruses and diseases, and they breed very quickly. What may begin as a small issue can quickly turn into a massive infestation.