Termites are Coming!

All current and prospective homeowners need to be aware of one of the most dangerous and destructive pests – TERMITES. Termites do more damage than fires, tornados and windstorms combined every year in the United States. Not to mention that of the time termite damage isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance. U.S. Pest Protection encourages homeowners to learn more about termites in order to protect their investment.

One of the biggest misconceptions about termites is that if you don’t see them you don’t have them. This is simply not true. Just because there aren’t typical swarming signs doesn’t mean that termite activity isn’t happening below the surface of the home. Our certified state inspectors are trained to spot termite activity as well as moisture issues that could be conducive to termites.

We deal with the subterranean termite in Tennessee

They usually become active early spring emerging from underground to reproduce and form new colonies. As temperatures begin to rise these pests flourish. However, they are also know to resurge after a good rainfall because they are extremely attracted to moisture.

With the termite’s unbelievable ability to chew through concrete, wood, carpeting, floors and even wallpaper, termites can quickly invade the structure of a home. Any suspected evidence including: mud tunneling or damaged wood becoming extremely thin should be inspected by one of our certified state inspectors.

U.S. Pest Protection recommends taking the following proactive termite control measures to prevent against an infestation. Eliminate moisture around foundations with our moisture control programs. Additionally, invest in one of our total termite protection programs.

Learn some termite terminology with this sweet video courtesy of U.S. Pest Protection:


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