How is the Tennessee Honey Festival challenging the status quo and raising the bar?

"Tennessee Honey Festival."

“Bee losses in Tennessee are averaging around 80 percent this year,” says Mike Studer, Tennessee’s state apiarist. “It’s as bad as it has ever been, especially when you consider the 10-year average loss before that was 35-percent. It’s a problem that in past years has garnered attention, but now the situation has reached a “crisis” stage”

The Tennessee Honey Festival is growing in popularity all across America with its unique flare of combining the honey lovers and beekeepers bringing the honeybee crisis to the forefront of community minds. U.S. Pest Protection is a leader in the pest control industry and is working across industry lines to bring cooperation and agreement in working together “to protect what matters most”. “We protect what matters most and as confident leaders in the pest control industry we are raising the bar and setting the standards high by taking initiatives to save our honey bees.” Erica Brister, CEO & President.

“The most interesting dynamic between U.S. Pest Protection and the bee and honey world is that our company is helping create a bond and trust between two industries that typically have a lot of miscommunication or no communication at all.” says Erica, “Hopefully we are creating a blue print for how the bee industry and the pest control industry work together to help the great state of Tennessee shine!”

The Tennessee Honey Festival is a free event that will be spotlighting state apiary leaders, honey industry leaders, beekeeping enthusiasts, a local honey contest with local honey vendors, as well as live entertainment and interactive art stations. The crimson thread that ties the different industries, artists and organizations together with the desire and passion to educate and promote local and general honeybee awareness. www.uspest.com/tn-honey-festival/