Tennessee Department of Agriculture Urges Caution with Pest Control Professionals

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is urging homeowners, school officials and companies to check the credentials of pest control businesses and individuals this spring. Spring is a busy time of year for lawn care and pest control businesses, and some businesses or individuals may apply for over-the-counter pesticides in violation of the law.

The TDA asks Tennesseans to check for a Commercial Pesticide Applicators Certification card or a Commercial Pesticide License card, check for a company name and charter number on any commercial vehicle or advertisement, ask for a solicitor’s card – required by TDA – if a company representative solicits your business. Also, ask for a copy of the product label and Material Safety Data Sheet and examine structural damage and verify the presence of termites before signing a contract treatment. U.S. Pest Professionals in all locations and departments will have their certification cards with them as well as be wearing these badges around their necks: Notice the charter number and address of our company. If you are approached by someone who is not wearing the proper identification, please contact us at 615-590-1260 or the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

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