Stinging insects are as summer as backyard barbecues and weekend trips to your favorite swimming hole. All of that fun in the sun can only mean you are probably going to end up with a sting or two. Most stinging pests can only strike once, but not all. For example: Wasps have the uncanny ability to sting multiple times, causing a fair amount of discomfort for the victim. There is a reason as to why they attack, and it isn’t because of the common misconception that they are simply pure evil.

Reasons why wasps sting

  • Protection-If they feel you are threatening their home, you’re probably going to get stung
  • Agitated-Wasp are like us. They get annoyed. More often than not it’s because they feel threatened and are just trying to protect their nest

Unlike their counterparts, wasps DO NOT die after stinging someone. They can even sting multiple people within their lifetime. The primary reason is due to anatomy. Bees have barbed stingers, causing them to die whenever it gets caught in the skin of its victim. However, wasps do not have to worry about this issue. Additionally, male wasps do not have stingers. So, if you are stung by a wasp, it is 100% from a female.

One way to fight back is to treat the sting with a deodorant that contains aluminum. Another way is to eliminate the issue altogether. Our team of experts will gladly remove all the nests around your home, taking the sting out of your backyard activities this summer.

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