A Few Simple Tips of How to Go Green EASY!

Start with your paper. While there are a ton of items you can recycle, start with a commonly used material. Recycling paper is easy because it does not require anything but sorting.

Keep it dark. When you leave for a day at the office or a night on the town, save money and energy by turning off your lights. Placing reminders on your light switches can help you remember until you get in the habit of doing so.
Bring your own bag. Eliminating the need for plastic grocery and shopping bags is a great way to reduce waste. Don’t feel pressured to purchase reusable bags at the store if you aren’t up for the investment right away. You probably have a suitable bag at home to get you started.
Dine in. If you frequently call upon the services of your local restaurant delivery guy, try cutting back at least one or two meals out of the week. Making your own food reduces food container waste immensely.
Walk there. Findat least one neighborhood destination you can travel to on foot. Save gas and the environment by hiking there instead of heading out in your hot rod.
Get muggy. Have your favorite coffee mug or reusable water bottle on hand at all times. Save the paper cups and reduce waste.
Shut off the spigot. Make sure you completely turn off the water every time you finish using it.
This article came from Planet Green!