7 Scary Bugs That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Ready to be spooked out? We’ve compiled a list of the seven most scary bugs in the world that will leave you running to your mommy. Seriously, you might need to grab a new pair of pants after reading about these pests. They are proof that sometimes it’s the little things that hurt the most.


1. Tsetse FlyTsetse Fly

Tsetse flies are similar in appearance to house flies but are much more dangerous. If one of these bugs lays on you, it could be lethal. They transmit a virus informally known as Sleeping Sickness Disease.

While the illness starts with normal flu-like symptoms, the virus soon leads to a comma. Most infected patients die within months. This terrible disease affects somewhere between 250 and 300 people each year.[/row][row]

Kissing Bug2. Kissing Bug

Pucker up for this next terrifying bug. It’s called the Kissing Bug because it feeds on soft tissues on the face, such as the eyes and lips. It’s even able to hunt in the dark because of its thermal imaging senses.

Once kissing bugs bite into their victim, they leave a nasty parasite in the skin that can lead to Chagas disease. This virus can result in heart failure and affects 20 million people each year.[/row][row]

3. African Assassin BugAssassin Bug

The African assassin bug is a brightly colored insect with venom more powerful than that of a cobra. Its sting results in a painful burning sensation. What’s worse, the sting liquefies the inside of the African assassin’s prey, enabling them to suck their victim completely.  [/row][row]

Mango Fly4. Mango Fly

Native to Africa, Mango flies are horrifying pests. They lay on you, bite your skin, and contaminate your body with a disease called eye worms.

The worms will grow and live within your eyeballs and can be quite painful as they squirm around. Thankfully, they won’t blind you, but you will have to undergo surgery to remove the adult worms. [/row] [row]

Japanese Hornet5. Japanese Hornet

The Japanese Hornet is a giant wasp with a wingspan of 3 inches and a stinger that measures a quarter of an inch. These bugs are one of the leading causes of death in Japan, killing almost 40 people a year.

Japanese hornets hunt down their victims for 3 miles. Once they close in, they inject a painful venom capable of dissolving human flesh. If they can’t catch up, they will spray poison in the target’s eyes. Talk about a bad day.[/row][row]

Africanized Honey Bee

Image By David Dewitt

6. Africanized Honey Bees

While most bees are fairly calm unless you bother them, Africanized honey bees are extremely territorial and aggressive. Also known as killer bees, these insects were created by Warwick Kerr, who was trying to produce a superior honey-producing bee. The bees were accidentally released and, since then, have spread throughout the Americas.

Killer bees are extremely territorial and will chase you down for half a mile and sting you fatally if they perceive you as a threat to their colony.[/row][row]

Human Bot Fly7. Human Bot Fly

The deadliest bug on earth in the Human Bot Fly, found in Central and South America.

What’s most horrifying about these pests is their larvae. They will lay their eggs on your skin. After which, the larvae will crawl from the eggs, burrow into your skin and slowly start eating your insides. Yet most people don’t die from this bug because, with the proper medical help, the parasites can be removed.[/row]

Keep Away Scary Bugs by Calling a Pest Professional

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