Ready for gardening weather to return to Tennessee? So are pests—specifically, snails and slugs. They may not be fast, but these slimy creatures can easily munch their way through your flowers, vegetables, and fruit before you know it. Adult and adolescent slugs even invade seedbeds to feed on grass seedlings, destroying all the hard work you’ve put into your lawn.

Worried about your budding lawn or garden, but not sure how to stop snails and slugs? Discover how to prevent your vegetable garden, flowerbed, or growing grass from becoming these pests’ next meal with U.S. Pest Protection.

What’s the difference between snails and slugs?

Snails and slugs are actually quite similar. They’re both considered mollusks, and are in the same classification group as clams, oysters, and even squids. In fact, the only major difference between the two species is that snails have shells, while slugs do not.

Tips and Tricks for Preventing Snails and Slugs

From Nashville to Smyrna, homeowners throughout Middle Tennessee often struggle to keep slugs and snails off of their property. As nocturnal critters that hide under damp logs and stones during the day, slugs and snails can easily nibble away on your garden while you sleep.

Since there’s a wide variety of pests that may be gnawing on your lawn or garden, keep an eye out for snails’ and slugs’ most recognizable calling card: their slime trails. Snails and slugs produce a clear, sticky mucus that gives them the ability to travel. If you find slime trails on your plants’ leaves or stems, these squishy pests are certainly invading.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can safeguard your lawn or garden against becoming an all-you-can-eat buffet. Discover how you can repurpose everyday household items to repel oozing, unwanted pests below!

Pour Salt Around Your Plants

Snails and slugs depend on their mucus to survive. If they touch salt or any other kind of drying substances, they become dehydrated and die. By pouring a thick ring of salt around your vegetables, flowers, or seedbed, you can form a reliable barrier. Just remember to reapply it after windy or rainy weather!

Discourage Critters with Copper

Prefer to keep your salt in the kitchen? If your plants are in pots or planters, copper mesh, wiring, or tape are excellent deterrents against these garden pests. When they come into contact with copper, snails and slugs experience a painful chemical reaction.

As previously mentioned, however, copper is the best solution for potted plants or structured flowerbeds. If you place copper wiring in your soil, these sneaky pests may use fallen leaves or other natural debris to cross over the copper and still infest your lawn or garden.

Banish Snails and Slugs with Beer

It may seem far-fetched, but you can use beer to create a trap for snails and slugs. Just take several small containers, fill them with beer, and place them in shallow holes around your garden. The beverage’s yeasty aroma will draw the pests to the traps, and when they reach in for a sip, they’ll fall into the beer and drown.

While beer traps can eliminate the mollusks, the sweet, yeasty bait may attract insects, such as wasps or bees. Additionally, if you have outdoor pets, they may try to drink the beer as well, which can cause serious health issues.

Cover Your Bases with Coffee Grounds

Someone adding coffee grounds to a plant pot

If you don’t have a full-blown  infestation yet, try spreading coffee grounds around your garden or seedbed. Coffee grounds’ dry texture and powerful aroma often deter young or small snails and slugs from wandering too close to your plants. Dealing with full-grown snails and slugs? Contact U.S. Pest Protection and ask our experts how to get rid of them.

Get Rid of Hiding Spots

The fewer places pests have to hide during the day, the harder it will be for them to consistently feed on your lawn or garden. There are several areas that they may use as shelter after a night of feeding on your strawberry patch or begonias, including:

  • Rotten logs
  • Stones
  • Compost piles
  • Mulch
  • Planters

Not sure where they may be hiding around your property? Schedule an inspection with U.S. Pest Protection. Our team of pest control experts will scope out your lawn or garden to identify the spots that are or may become problem areas for snails and slugs.

Safeguard Your Garden with U.S. Pest Protection

The best way to ensure your prize garden or pristine lawn doesn’t become food for snails and slugs is to bring in U.S. Pest Protection. Our team of pest control experts are proud to prevent common garden pests from harming properties throughout the Nashville metropolitan area.

When you schedule a free inspection with our pest professionals, we’ll thoroughly inspect your property and create a customized snail and slug control plan that fits your exact needs. Even if you’re not dealing with these pests at the moment, we also offer preventative solutions to help you consistently shield your lawn and garden.

Send pests on their way and schedule your free inspection today!