Prepare your home for spring pests. How you ask? Some people think that the winter months are not really at concern when it comes to insect and rodent pests. The winter months are extremely important when it comes to pest management because it allows us to become proactive in the battle to control and prevent pests in the spring and summer.


Homeowner Preventative Measures During Winter

An important measure a home owner can do to prevent in the winter is steps to exclude entry for pests that may become a problem in the spring. Exclusion is a pest prevention method where entry points that allow pest to enter from the outside are sealed.


Exclusion methods may include caulking and sealing cracks around windows and doors. this can be done on the inside or outside to exclude insect pest such as ants from entering when the weather warms up. Checking window screens to make sure there are no holes or rips that may allow flies and other insects from entering.


Protecting House Entry Areas

Another exclusion method is to look at your entry doors. On a bright day if you can see any light showing under any entrance door may lead to a nice open highway for insects, spiders and rodents to enter. This is especially true on your garage doors. Open areas under garage doors allow pest like rodents to enter to find shelter and food in your garage. Door threshold plates or garage door sealing strips may need to be installed. Another common area for rodents to enter structures is to come in around pipes around HVAC and utility lines. Caulk and seal these areas up.

Start your indoor spring cleaning early! Clean out storage rooms and closets and discard old boxes and clutter items. These areas provide an excellent location for pests such as spiders and silverfish to have a nice safer area to grow and prosper.


Quick tips for preventing spring pest

  • Seal crack and holes around exterior doors and HVAC systems.
  • Start spring cleaning early.
  • Clean areas around exterior foundation that provide harborage and food foe pests.


On the exterior clean up any debris and clutter around the exterior foundation of the structure. Any items that are stored next to the foundation (especially firewood) can provide an excellent home for pests such as ants and rodents during the winter months. It is also a good time to change those lights to yellow bulbs, sodium vapor lights or other lights that will not be attractive to flying insects and spiders in the spring and summer.

Remember any measures you can do in the winter can help prevent pest in the spring and summer. Once pests start repopulating and moving in the spring they will be attracted to your home and property.



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