Two Nashville Companies Are Making A Co-Marketing Power Play

U.S. Pest is co-marketing with the Nashville Predators

Because two powerful brands coming together are better than one standing alone.  The Nashville Predators have been taking over one game at a time the NHL attention and fans alike.  U.S. Pest is the industry standard for marketing and methods and looks for creative and powerful ways to increase market share by strategic long term partnerships.

The Nashville Predators aren’t your typical NHL team, nor are they our typical Nashville fan base mob style event. However, against all odds Sean Henry, Predators President and CEO or Predsident,  has defied expectations and is taking not only Nashville but the world by storm with an aggressive, passionate and winning brand and team. U.S. Pest and the Nashville Predators are underdogs in their respective ‘industries’ which is exactly why this co-marketing partnership works.  “U.S. Pest goes above and beyond to protect what matters most and our team has an aggressive stance towards growth and customer service, doing whatever it takes every day.  The Predators culture is exactly why we chose to become a partner.”-Erica Brister

Both U.S. Pest and the Predators are born in Nashville and are supported and grow because of the amazing community of Middle Tennessee and Nashville.  We are looking forward to a banner year at U.S. Pest and another demonstrative year for the Predators. Go Preds.  Go U.S. Pest. #uspest #whateverittakes #predswin

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