Pharoah Ants in Tennessee

An ant problem can be a daunting task in Tennessee especially if the correct ant species is not identified correctly. The pharaoh ant is very hard to correctly identify. A homeowner or commercial business owner should have a professional pest control company inspect and treat for this evasive ant.

First of all, the Pharaoh ant’s name may come from the mistaken belief that this ant was one of the plagues of Egypt during biblical times. This ant is thought to originate on the African continent.

To add, colonies of the Pharaoh ant are found throughout the United States and can be found in Tennessee. The Pharaoh ant is yellowish to reddish in color and very small about 1/16 of an inch in length. All the worker ants are the same size. They have a stinger that is no real concern to humans.

There are multiple queens, about ⅛ inch in length in each colony.  It is common to mistake Pharaoh ants for similar ants like thief ants, big-headed ants, Argentine ants or fire ants.


Infestation Habits

In Tennessee, a large colony of Pharaoh ants can infest any structure quite fast. These structures can include homes, commercial buildings, apartment buildings and stores. These ants are a great concern in medical facilities and hospitals. Because of their small size, they can enter wounds and even tubes for IV bottles.

They have been found as a possible carrier of pathogenic bacteria such as Streptococcus. Pharaoh ants don’t get established on the exterior of buildings in Tennessee because of the winter weather. They prefer warmer, heated buildings.

In addition, indoor Pharaoh ants are drawn to warmer areas of the house. They are also drawn to areas of higher humidity and water and food sources.  These ants create a nest site in hidden areas of the structure. It is common to find their nests in wall voids. These nests may be located behind baseboards and in furniture.

They also are located around electrical plug plates and light switches. The workers can forage over a hundred feet on established trails to find food and water. Pharaoh ants can follow electrical lines and telephone wires to move from one area of the structure to another.




As mentioned, Pharaoh ants in Tennessee are similar to their cousins in other parts of the country.  They all have multiple queens and reproductives in each colony. If a colony becomes stressed or disturbed by activity, the ant colony will split. Strong cleaning chemicals or pesticides can also trigger activity. The queens will split up all ants from egg to adult. She will take worker ants, reproductives and larvae and move to different locations in the structure to protect the colony.

In other words, one colony can split into a number of separate colony infestations. This activity is called “budding” and is the reason control of these ants can be so difficult. Any strong cleaning products or repellent insecticides can cause the infestation to become worse.


Some interesting items about Pharaoh ants in Tennessee

  • Pharaoh ant colonies in Tennessee can number in the tens of thousands.
  • Homeowners and business owners can make Pharaoh ant infestations worse by spraying pesticides and strong cleaning agents.
  • Pharaoh ants will split their nests into numerous new nests if disturbed by chemicals or pesticides.


Pharaoh Ant Control

A Tennessee professional pest control company should be contacted if anyone assumes they have a Pharaoh ant infestation. The professional inspector will investigate the home or facility. This would include determining the correct ant species and plan a course of action. These ant infestations are generally controlled by an ant baits program.

An attractive food bait is used with an active ingredient that kills and/or possibly controls the ants’ ability to develop. This bait placed in numerous locations throughout the building for the worker ants to feed. The workers will take the bait back to the colony to feed the queens and other workers. This program will act to kill and control the colony.

Above all, simply spraying for the ants will make the infestation worse. The professional pest control company will advise on how to recognize these ants and ways of not making the situation worse.

As a result, Tennessee has a number of pest ants that enter our homes and buildings. Furthermore, most Pharaoh ants are hard to control or eliminate without the assistance of a professional pest control company.



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