Odorous house ants are considered the most common household pest ant in Tennessee. This ant will nest outdoors and trail inside to kitchens and bathrooms.


Odorous Ant Facts

The odorous house ant derives its name from the odor given off when this ant is crushed. The pungent aroma smells something like “rotten coconut” or blue cheese.

This ant is brown to black in color and the workers are small 1/16- 1/8 inch in length.


Colony Facts

The ant colony can be found under rocks and down spout drains around the house. These ant will travel following a pheromone trail moving into the inside via cracks in the foundation, siding or brick.

Colony nest may be composed of several hundred but usually average 2000-10000 ants. Colonies have the ability to grow to 100,000 ants. Furthermore, the colony has multiple queens producing young.

Odorous ant colonies will produce 4-5 generations a year and may split (bud) into new smaller colonies. These ants will also swarm in early summer sending out reproductive to begin new colonies. If the colony is disturbed such as picking up a rock the colony is under the colony will immediately move to another location.

Odorous house ants coming out of house molding.

Some interesting facts about odorous house ants

  • These ants have been known to nest under bee hives
  • Odorous house ant prefer to nest in moist areas
  • These ants move their nests on a regular basis


Odorous house ant control

This is a very aggressive infesting ant that may invade your home at many locations. Inspection is required to determine locations of entry. External treatments around the perimeter of the structure will be necessary and possibly ant baits applied indoors. Because this ant invades so aggressively by numbers it is suggested to have a professional inspection and regular control program.

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