NFL Draft In Nashville Could Result In Bed Bug, Pest Problems

NFL Draft | Nashville, TN (4/26/2019) – The 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, Tennessee results in record-breaking crowds and attendance on lower Broadway. The NFL Draft in Nashville could result in bed bug, pest problems.


Record Breaking Crowd Attendance In Nashville

First of all, the largest capacity of people that Nashville streets have ever seen were around 100,000 people. These large crowds of people are usually in the lower Broadway and Sobro areas of the city. To add, these prior reported attendance records in Nashville were of crowds attending the 2016 Music City New Years celebrations and the Nashville Predators playoff series in 2017.


Another largely hosted event in Nashville only means the unique city of Nashville is growing. Nashville has it’s own personality when it comes to tourism. NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, discussed the significance of our city and why the NFL chose Nashville to host the 100 year celebration of the NFL Draft 2019.

In addition, reports of almost 200,000 people in Music City on Thursday attending the 2019 NFL Draft. With that many people in Nashville, and that many hotel rooms or local home rentals being occupied in the Music City, the chances of possible bed-bug cases and pest issues in Nashville could rise. Furthermore, such cases are very common where large amounts of people occupy hotel rooms or local home rentals for longer lengths of time, such as a whole weekend where time admits for these critters to make new homes on new beds.


Nashville Pest Solutions & Services

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