Most Common Spiders in Hendersonville

Hendersonville, for all it’s uniqueness, has some pretty surprising facts about the insect population and particularly the spiders that are attracted to this ‘City by the Lake’ and the homes in Hendersonville.

Spiders are what smart bug people call air breathing arthropods because they have an exoskeleton.  What makes them different than a crab arthropod, or crustaceans (crabs and shrimp) classification, is the fact that their legs and body do not contain muscles to extend their legs and jump around, but use hydraulic pressure to be mobile. We know nobody likes spiders in their Hendersonville home, especially when they are the large ones by the lake.  These spiders are attracted to the insects attracted to the lake for water and lights on your house for warmth and shelter.  We know spiders are not welcome in and around your home, and we are confident that you don’t want the ones that bite.

Some of the most common spiders in Hendersonville include the following:

The Wolf Spider

These Spiders are hairy and scary.  The wolf spider causes more alarm than any other spider because of its size and hairy appearance.  They are in fact apart of the same species as tarantulas and they do pack a painful bite.  The reason they are called the wolf spider is because they hunt their prey rather than catching food in a traditional web. They are attracted to the lake homes because of the abundance of insects for food. Don’t worry, if you use U.S. Pest we will make sure all the necessary precautions are being taken to keep this population down around your home.


Common House Spider


These spiders are known to be well, be common.  These spiders are searching for food and shelter and feed on small insects. Common House Spiders gain access to the inside of your home through small window cracks around the edges and open areas under doorways as well as small holes in the floors. Their preferred hang out spot is somewhere moist, dark and private such as your crawlspace and closets.  The Common House Spider is often mistaken for the Brown Recluse.

The webs of these spiders are prevalent and need to be cleaned off regularly. The pest control program provided by U.S. Pest is sure to keep these spiders at bay.


Brown Recluse Spider

brown recluse spider 1- US Pest Protection Nashville TN

These spiders are solitary and reclusive. They are typically in areas that go undisturbed in your home. Outisde, they can be found under rocks and logs. Inside your home you might find them in boxes, clothing, furniture and other dark locations.  Tennessee is one of only 15 states that has Brown Recluse.  If you find one, there are probably more.

These spiders can hitch a ride from one home to the other when you are moving through boxes and contents. Many people are bitten by the Brown Recluse each year and sometimes the bite can cause extreme allergic reaction.  Even though the bite is not easy to deal with, it is rarely deadly. We have extensive programs to make sure any level of infestation is not a threat to your home and family. Be sure and download our fact sheet.

Black Widow


The Black Widow bite is much feared because its venom is reported to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s. In humans, bites produce muscle aches, nausea, and a paralysis of the diaphragm that can make breathing difficult; however, contrary to popular belief, most people who are bitten suffer no serious damage—let alone death. However, in cases of multiple bites all of these symptoms are heightened and are extremely difficult to endure. We actually had our Chief Eagle get bitten 31 times by a Black Widow and you can check it out here to watch us at the doctors office on our U.S. Pest Channel

To feed, black widows puncture their insect prey with their fangs and administer digestive enzymes to the corpses. By using these enzymes, and their gnashing fangs, the spiders liquefy their prey’s bodies and suck up the resulting fluid.