The Mighty Disease Carrying Mischief Makers

When you see a mouse what do you think of? Does the sight of one hit you right in the nostalgia feels and give you flashbacks to watching Saturday morning cartoon greats such as Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse? Or are you more of the type to become utterly disgusted knowing just how vile these common household rodents can be?

Fact of the matter is that mice are quite the illness carrying critter. While they are cute from a distance and a thick pane of glass at the pet store, you definitely do not want one scurrying around your house. Freeloaders are bad enough, but much less one that can literally make you sick.

Mice Are The Catalyst

The word disease carries a tremendous amount of weight and rightly so. Anything that can harm you without having to have direct contact of your skin is downright terrifying, especially when it’s in your home.

Rodent Allergies

Research released in the late 1990’s has shown that urine from the common house mouse contains an allergen that can be a significant cause of asthma in those with compromised immune systems. Considering that mice urinate in microdroplets whenever and wherever they feel like doing so this is a major health risk to anyone and everyone exposed.


Mice are responsible for spreading plagues that have decimated populations, up to and including the black plague of 14th century Europe. But plague isn’t just some archaic disease that we no longer have to deal with.

Plague is most often transmitted through being bitten by an infected flea. As soon as the host dies fleas will flea for a new source of blood and humanity is not the exception to this rule.

Bubonic plague characteristics:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headaches
  • Weakness
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes

Rickettsial Disease

 Rickettsia are a special type of bacteria that are parasitic of the cells of vertebrates and arthropods, such as murine typhus, scrub typhus, and rickettsialpox.

Food Poisoning

Mice are supurb at helping spread salmonella. Bacteria is transmitted to our food from contaminated surfaces. As you well know by now, mice are not fickle about where they choose to urinate or defecate. They must constantly be considered a health threat, especially around commercial businesses in the Middle Tennessee area.


In layman’s terms, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is an infectious disease that can quickly become life-threatening. It begins with flu-like symptoms and rapidly progresses to breathing issues.

Infection occurs primarily by breathing in air that has been infected with hantaviruses that have been shed in rodent excrement.

Mice are responsible for some of the most devastating outbreaks in recent history. Modern times call for modern measures. Don’t fall prey to the myriad of diseases that these furious fluffballs can spread.

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