Mice: Information and Helpful Tips

As the temperature drops some pests like to invade your home. House mice can be a problem if they’re not caught right away. They can start to reproduce at two months old and can reproduce up to six to ten times a year. That’s a lot of mice that could be living in your home!

House mice will build their nest near a food source. They typically eat plants but will also eat meat and dairy products. These guys don’t require a lot of water to survive and occasionally will eat their own droppings if needed to get nutrients.  The house mouse can often lead to giving people allergies through its urine. In most cases small children are the victims, because their immunesystem is still developing.

Deer mice are commonly found in open grasslands, cliffs, forests, and bushy country. These mice will eat fruit, seeds, berries, beetles, grasshoppers and fungus. Deer mice are typically found outdoors but they can occasionally find their ways indoors. They get their name from their fur, which resembles that of a deer. They can spread Hantavirus if you have touched an infected mouse and breathe in its urine.

Here are some helpful tips to keep these mice out of your home. Make sure you are keeping the inside of your home clean as well as crawlspaces, sheds, garages, and any other storage areas. Be sure to take the garbage out regularly; don’t let it keep building up inside the home. Seal up any small cracks and small holes outside and inside your home to prevent any entry points.

If at any time you believe you have a mouse inside your home, please call U.S. Pest right away. We are trained professionals and know exactly what your home needs. It’s our duty to keep your home a safe and enjoyable living space.