Lady bugs as we call them are everywhere right now in Nashville.  On a warm fall afternoon, Nashville homeowners are watching these little bugs appear all over their house.  You will spot them on curtains, window seals, crown molding, door jams and even light fixtures.

Why are they invading?

For one, most infestations occur on homes that do not have year round pest control.  If your home happens to be the lightest house in the neighborhood or the highest one on the hill, your their target.  They congregate on the North side of your house and are quickly looking for small cracks to get into your wall voids.  After they have gained access, they will hunker down for a long winter break.  You won’t even see a lot of them in the attic or wall voids.  This heavy ladybug presence can cause some major health risks including asthma and breathing issues.

What do you do about them?

You can call us to start knocking them down and applying product in key areas to keep them from totally taking over.  Another key step in keeping these little bugs out is to perform general maintence on your home by caulking all the cracks around windows and doors.  If its too late to keep them out, don’t worry.  We have methods to keep them from coming back.

What a lot of people don’t know about ladybugs:

  • If gone untreated, the same family comes back year after year
  • U.S. Pest can interrrupt their pheromone cycle with product to ensure the same family can’t find their way back
  • Ladybugs can cause extreme breathing problems because of the dust emitted from the dead carcasses in the home environment.
  • They are not native to Tennessee eventhough the state of Tennessee , in 1975,has named it one of it’s official state insects.
  • Pets can be victims of ladybugs when they get into the mouth cavity and cause extreme discomfort. Everyone

           remembers this picture from facebook right?


Contact us today if you want some help in battling this special Tennessee ladybug.

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