Ladybugs, as we call them, are everywhere right now in Nashville. In fact, this “ladybug,” isn’t a ladybug at all. It’s actually an invasive Asian beetle that looks similar to the domestic ladybug, which is generally harmless. On a warm fall afternoon, Nashville homeowners watch these little bugs appear all over their house. You can find them on curtains, window seals, crown molding, door jams, and even light fixtures.

Why are ladybugs invading Tennessee?

Most infestations occur in homes that do not have year-round pest control. If your home is the lightest house in the neighborhood or the highest one on the hill, you’re these bugs’ target. They congregate on the north side of homes and quickly begin looking for small cracks to get into your wall voids. After they have gained access, they will hunker down for a long winter break. You may not even see a lot of them in the attic or wall voids. However, heavy ladybug presence in the home can cause major health risks to humans and pets alike:

  • Ladybugs can cause extreme breathing problems because of the dust emitted from the dead carcasses in the home environment.
  • Pets can be victims of ladybugs when the beetle secretes a yellow substance that allows them to stick to your pet’s mouth cavity and cause extreme discomfort.

What can you do about ladybugs?

If left untreated, these bugs can come back year after year, ensuring that your infestation continues. To prevent these ladybugs from invading in the first place, seal any cracks in your windows, doors and foundation. You can also begin a routine pest treatment plan with U.S. Pest to get rid of these beetles. Our treatment can interrupt the ladybug’s pheromone cycle to ensure the same family can’t find its way back to your home. If you need help controlling ladybug populations in your home, contact us to receive your free inspection today!