Lady Bugs or Lady Beetles Information

TheĀ lady bugĀ is pretty to look at with its red/orange color and black spots. This is a defense mechanism to make them look unappealing to predators. The color will remind any animals that has tried to eat a previousĀ lady bugĀ that they are not a tasty item. AĀ lady bugĀ feeling threatened might play dead and/or secrete an unappetizing substance.

They pose no threat to us humans because they feed on plant eatingĀ insects, making them a beneficialĀ insect. Farmers loveĀ lady bugsĀ for this reason. TheĀ lady bugsĀ diet consists of aphids, mealybugs, mites and scale insects.

During the warmer monthsĀ lady bugsĀ are more visible. You might also see them on a day when the weather reaches above average temperatures in the fall. They can come by the thousands and cover your door or windows. This can be highly annoying. During the winter months they will hide from the cold harsh weather. By finding a way into your home to shelter from the cooler, colder months.Ā  You wonā€™t notice them until the warmer weather rolls around.