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Do you know why frogs are so important to our ecosystem?

Frogs eat mosquitoes; provide us with medical advances; serve as food for birds and fish, and their tadpoles filter our drinking water.

  • Every ecosystem is comprised of multiple species that create a chain. It is what keeps the balance in nature and what maintains life as we know it. As such, frogs and toads have their place under the sun and should be protected. This is the reason why you will do very well to ensure that frogs can find shelter in your garden. If you provide the right conditions and features for these amphibian creatures, they should appear.
  • Frogs are good biological monitors. There is a lot that you can learn from the frogs in your garden. Frogs can show you that something is wrong in the area, or if they are happily breeding and living in the area, then everything should be okay. If you are dedicated and want to have a perfect garden, you can use the indications from frogs to know if the conditions in your garden are good, or if the frogs that used to dwell there suddenly go missing, you will know there is a disturbance.
  • Pest control – frogs are amazing at cleaning the garden from harmful insects. If you are having such problems, you can easily eliminate them by introducing frogs among your plants. A single frog can eat over 100 insects, such as caterpillars, sow bugs and cutworms and more.

At U.S. Pest we are conscious of the benefits of pollinators and other animal species such as this Tree Frog, our pest professional Justin Shatto found while out servicing his customers in Gallatin, TN. We will protect your home from pests but we will also be mindful of the environment that we rely on for our benefit and wellbeing.

At U.S. Pest Protection we protect what matters most and go above and beyond to do what’s right! Call us today at 615-822-8500 or visit us at to schedule a Free Inspection.


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