Happy Earth Day from U.S. Pest

As you may know, every year on April 22 we celebrate Earth Day. But did you know that U.S. Pest provides green and alternative programs for managing pests in and around your home? In honor of Earth Day 2015, here are some alternative methods for controlling critters outside your home this spring.

Keep your garden healthy

A well-maintained yard is the first step to preventing pest infestation. Bugs are less interested in healthy plants, and like our own bodies, healthy plants are more likely to recover when infested.


Remove outdoor debris

You’ll also want to ensure your lawn and garden are properly cared for by regularly weeding and removing dead plants, cut brush and dead limbs, or other debris piles where pests could hide. This includes storing firewood, which should never be stacked close to your home, as this could be an entry point for pests.


Prune areas close to your home

Foliage that is close to, or touching your house, could be a way for pests to get inside. Keep green areas that touch your home trimmed back.


Don’t feed the pests

Although this seems self-explanatory, different pests feed on different food sources. Keep the areas surrounding your house free of any food or standing water (including leaking pipes or clogged gutters). Don’t leave pet food out overnight.


Keep a lid on it

Try not to leave garbage outside or in your garage, but if you do, ensure it is emptied often and ensure all trash is tightly covered at all times.


Check around your home

Sweep the exterior of your home to review for possible pest entry points and seal them – major points of entry could be broken or loose screens, or weatherstripping on doors and windows. You should also look for cracks in your homes foundation, loose bricks or damaged siding.


Don’t fret

U.S. Pest is always here to help! A Pest Professional can review your individual home and provide you with tips for preventing pests. To request a free inspection and to chat with one of our Pest Professionals about more natural pest control, contact us today!