Grasshoppers In Tennessee – There aren’t a lot of insects that have as powerful back legs such as grasshoppers. Their ability to use their powerful hind legs allows them to escape predators. Grasshoppers are primarily herbivores. Looking for any plants or leaves they can find and chew on them. They can be serious garden pests because of the damage they can do to all the leaves and the plants. Compared to other garden pests, grasshoppers are some of the worst. When these pests aren’t chewing through your garden, they may be in your pantry. Grasshoppers have been known to find their way into a home’s pantry and cause destruction. They will eat any cereal or vegetables they can find, making a mess in the process. Let’s discuss some of the species of grasshopper that call the state of Tennessee home.  


Eastern Lubber Grasshopper  

The Eastern Lubber Grasshopper is one the easiest grasshoppers to identify. Thanks to their bright yellow colors they can be spotted from far away. Additionally, Their bright coloration is a warning to predators nearby that they should not try to eat them. If a predator does try to eat them, they excrete a fine spray of toxic chemicals that can travel up to 15 centimeters. Thankfully, these pests are not a serious danger to humans because the toxic chemical that they excrete dos not pose any fatal threats to us. 


Spur-throated Grasshopper  

The Spur-throated Grasshopper is the most common grasshopper found in North America. They are primarily known for causing millions of dollars in crop damage annually. They eat many of the crops throughout the Midwest states and have been known to be a pest down here In Tennessee as well. Furthermore, These grasshoppers come in a variety of colors including green, orange, and yellow. Their colors help them to stay camouflaged and out of sight from predators.  


Red Legged Grasshopper  

Red Legged Grasshoppers can be found in a variety of places including prairies, vacant parking lots, meadows, and even along riverbanks. Similarly, to the other grasshoppers, the red legged Grasshopper eats the same food. They enjoy eating different wild grasses and plants found throughout North America. These insects can become a serious nuisance if left untreated. It is important to keep in mind that if you are finding an increase in grasshopper activity on your property to call the professionals at U.S. Pest today! 


Grasshoppers can get out of hand rather fast. Before you know it, your backyard will be overrun by these high jumping insects. Therefore, to learn more about all of the fantastic pest control services U.S. Pest offers, visit uspest.com.  


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