Nobody likes a musty crawlspace. While crawlspaces aren’t an area of your home you regularly spend time in the odors more often than not end up in your living space. Gross, right? But do you ever wonder how your crawl space gets so musty to begin with? We can help explain.

The average crawl space can absorb around 20 gallons of water per day, creating a breeding ground for mold, wood rot, and all sorts of infestations. Couple that with the fact that we live in the south where humidity reigns and you’re bound to have trouble. Folks with asthma or mold allergies are at an even greater risk for complications because of this. That’s why we fight back with encapsulation services, because no one deserves to be uncomfortable or have a unhealthy home. No one.

U.S. Pest addresses this issue by cleaning and removing all the debris from your crawl space, sealing any entry points where air can enter, and fitting custom styrofoam covers over vent openings. We then install poly sheeting on the walls, around supports, and cover the ground to completely fortify your crawl space.

Learn more about how an encapsulation will help you breath a little easier:



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