Should you aerate your lawn?

I bet you’re thinking… what the heck is aeration and why do I need it? Aeration is a process in which the surface soil is broken up or perforated in such a way that air and water are allowed to access the roots. Basically, it’s like a really good massage for your lawn. But, how do you know if you need to give your green a little love?

  • Do you have kids or pets? Or a lot of friends that prefer to see the outside of your house? Heavy traffic makes for compacted soil and a worn-out lawn.
  • Did you just build your home? Chances are your root system has been stripped.
  • Does your grass feel spongy or dry out easily? More than likely thatch is the culprit. If the thatch layer is thicker than half an inch you’re a candidate for aeration.
  • Was your yard established with sod? You’ve probably got a soil layering issue. This creates drainage problems and ultimately compacted soil.

If your lawn is looking more like a dirt pit we can help. U.S. Pest provides lawn pest, weed control, aeration, and fertilization services to give your yard the ultimate makeover.

Learn more about the benefits of lawn aeration with the following video:


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