Fleas In Your Home – Fleas don’t just bite animals, they bite people too. It is important to know what signs to look for, as well as what type of flea you may be up against. The Cat Flea is a type of flea also found on dogs and the most common type of flea in North America. It can carry and transmit different types of diseases, that can cause sickness or even death on the host animal.

Signs Of Fleas In Your Home

A simple and obvious sign of an infestation can be bites on an animal or yourself. On humans, one or two bite marks may not be a concern, but when it begins to look rash-like and uncomfortable, then it may be something to investigate. Animals portray different signs of flea problems than we do. Your pet may lick and scratch constantly due to the discomfort of fleas on their body. If scratching becomes excessive or you see a loss of fur, then you may want to get your home or pet checked out.

Methods Of Flea Protection:

  • Keep skin covered to avoid exposure
  • If an animal is sick or dead, wear gloves during contact
  • Use certified products for insect repellant


Flea Life Cycle

Did you know a flea can live up to two years? This flea lifecycle is in phases, beginning with larvae. This stage is followed by pupae and the adult form.

The larvae grow into pupae and then cocoon until it becomes an adult. The adult then waits for a signal that an animal is near to emerge. The larvae are considered to be photophobic, with a dislike to light. Because of this, they tend to hide in carpet and where they cannot be exposed. So, you might have fleas around that aren’t on you or your pet.

What Attracts Fleas In Your Home To The Host?

Fleas might be lurking in your carpet or bedding, but what do they eat to stay alive? Adult fleas live on blood meals. The female flea requires a blood meal to produce eggs. Without the blood, she does not have the proper nutrients to lay eggs. These pests are also able to live weeks without blood, making them hard to eliminate. The young larvae on the other hand, typically consume flea feces, which usually contains undigested blood. Because of their diet, they have to feed off of mammals, versus other types of pests that can eat plants.

Fleas are not a pleasant pest to have in your home. If you aren’t sure if you are facing fleas or any other pests, contact us for a free inspection.