Have you seen this spider pop up in your newsfeed recently? Or maybe a friend messaged you about it. While most people have shared this story in good faith; please, don’t be alarmed.

The Claim: A species of spider new to the United States has killed five people this summer. Packing a lethal bite, this spider has been deemed “The Spider From Hell.”

The Facts: The species in question is a woodlouse spider. Woodlouse spiders are completely and totally harmless. IF they were dangerous we would definitely know about it already.

This pest is not new to the United States (although it is native to the Mediterranean region), and its bites are not fatal to humans. They can commonly be found around the home and in your garden. If they feel threatened they will show you their fangs. As a result there is a chance that you may be bitten, but fear not. The main symptom of a bite is minor pain, typically lasting less than 1 hour due mostly to a small puncture to the skin. Furthermore, some itchiness and redness may occur.

There have been ZERO reports of deadly spiders killing anyone this summer. Furthermore the claim that the U.S. Government is working on an anti-venom for this fictional creature is also incorrect.

Will you suddenly have to fear for your life if you’re bitten? Absolutely not.

We’re not sure how this rumor got started or managed to go viral, but rest assured this is FALSE information!

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