Do You Only See June Bugs In June? June beetles, more commonly referred to as June bugs are not only out in June. The reason behind the name “June beetle” is because they emerge from the ground in late spring or early summer, around June. May and June might be the prime start time of seeing June beetles, but they begin their live cycle well before they are seen. Their lifecycle typically ends by the fall they are spotted, so summer is the time most associate seeing them.

How long do June Bugs live?

The lifecycle of a June beetle is about three years in total, only one year of which they are adults. The adult female beetle will lay her eggs near the top of the soil, taking two years to fully develop into adults when they emerge.

The stages of its growth are as follows:

  • Hatch from eggs
  • White grubs consume plant roots
  • Larvae grow
  • Adults emerge in the third spring


Do June beetles cause damage? 

These beetles are very destructive when it comes to shrubs and trees.They also enjoy eating in gardens, so if you notice holes in leaves or plants, you may have some June beetles nearby! Other than their taste for plants, they are more annoying than harmful. The loud buzzing sound they produce and their pesky way of flying aimlessly around is often more the reason people are disturbed by this bug.

Is there a way to catch June Bugs? 

As far as catching them or treating them, you may face a few difficulties finding them unless you are looking at night time. They are nocturnal beetles, so they are likely to eat your plants at night. If you enjoy sitting on your porch at night you may have seen some hovering near your porch light. They are attracted to bright lights, even though it can result in over-exposure and cause them to die.

It is safe to catch them by hand if you choose to and dispose of them in soapy water. If catching beetles doesn’t sound like something you are interested in doing, you can get a light zapper, though it does make an interesting noise. The most effective solution to controlling these beetles is to leave it to the experts. By having pest control treatment, the beetles can be eliminated before they come out in the summer.

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