Performing termite inspections is something all homeowners should do. The professional inspection of your home before putting the structure under coverage is of the utmost importance. We will thoroughly inspect the appropriate areas and in doing so, we will also be able to inform you of issues we may find that are not termite related. We will also be graphing your home and any outbuildings that may be on your property.


Graphing home and any outbuildings

Termites are very prevalent in Tennessee. Without inspections and a quality termiticide treatment, damage can be extensive before you notice anything in the living area.

U.S. Pest professionals need to do an accurate graph of the exterior of your home. This includes noting how deep the soil is at the foundation. If you have a crawlspace, then we will need to note on the graph where the piers and any other critical areas are. To add, we will also graph your outbuildings. These should also be put under coverage.


Inspection of interior while performing termite inspections

Insurance companies don’t cover termite damage. Due to the options of termite treatments, insurance companies consider it a preventable cause.

First of all, a U.S. Pest pro will inspect inside your garage. Then, we will need to see the base of the walls which includes around windows & doors. If you have a finished or unfinished basement, we will wish to inspect all walls. Crawlspace areas are crawled with a thorough inspection of all accessible areas. With a slab home, we will inspect all walls that are accessible.



Identification of reproductive termites

Look like winged ants without a pinched waist

Straight antennae

All wings are same length


Other items we inspect in the crawlspace

Fungal damage can be just as costly as termite damage.

As we inspect the crawlspace, we will be looking at everything. Taking moisture readings of the wood and humidity readings of the crawlspace is always performed. The inspection of your moisture barrier and vents is always a priority. Also, we will see if you have any visible leaking plumbing or disconnected ductwork. There can also be animal activity or pests. Inspecting for areas of ingress by animals is always a task performed.

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