Dealing With A Termite Infestation

The termite is an extremely beneficial insect in its natural habitat. These insects help to break down dead plants and recycle the nutrients in the wood back into the soil for the next generation of plants. This process is crucial to having a healthy ecosystem.

Unfortunately, human interaction interrupts this process, forcing the insect to feed on human structures causing damage.

Termites become pests when they start to break down and damage wooden structures built by people. Wooden homes, sheds and decks are all affected when a colony of termites invades Since their natural source of food in the form of plant material has been eliminated, they substitute with wood.

The problem is exasperated by the fact that preventative measures are typically not implemented when building wooden structures. Depending on location, houses can be especially vulnerable to the devastating damage caused by termites.

In addition, these insects can harm agricultural environments by devouring cellulose-based crops when abundantly present.

Figuring Out Whether Termites are Infesting Your Home

One way totermite infestation easily detect the presence of termites is by inspecting the wood on your property to determine if any damage has been sustained. The first place you will usually find damage is wet areas, such as near sinks, leaky pipes and the ground.

If the wood has been damaged by termites it will have holes and tunnels. If, on the other hand, the wood has been infested with a fungus it will be discolored, shrunken or weakened. Need help determining if you have a termite infestation? U.S. Pest offers free termite inspections. Get yours today!

It’s also good to regularly monitor your home for termites to ensure  no damage is being done. The sooner a colony is detected, the smaller the cost of removal and repair will be.

Taking Preventative Measures Against Termites

The least costly way to deal with termites is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. By removing any sources of food (roots, plants, etc.) your home will become unfavorable to the insect, which significantly reduces the chances of a termite infestation.

What to Do If You Have a Termite Infestation

Each termite family presents a separate set of challenges and must be dealt with in a slightly different manner. If you are experiencing a termite infestation, it’s best to call a pest control professional to ensure that all steps are taken to ensure the safety of your home’s occupants, the environment, and to make sure that all the pests have been completely eliminated.

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